Ode to Book Club

If reading books is my favorite hobby, then talking about them is my second favorite. It’s no secret that I could discuss literature (including the best parts of a book, the most dreadful, its cultural influences, its influences on culture, every literary device under the sun, etc., etc.) just about every day.

But not everyone appreciates the enthusiasm or can relate to that love. So when my good friend, Hilary, told me a book club was starting up exactly two years ago, I jumped at the chance to join. A group of women with similar yet different perspectives discussing at length the inner workings of the world’s finest writing?? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

Addicted to books

This past weekend, my book club got together for its quarterly/bimonthly/whenever-we-can meeting. This time we read Tell the Wolves I’m Home (1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px ), and I’m pretty sure it was our liveliest discussion to date. Granted, there was a lot to unravel: the AIDS and opioid epidemics, family, gay rights, relationships, those awkward teenage years. But during the meeting I looked around and felt grateful for such an eye-opening experience. So after two great years (and it’s still going strong!!), here is my ode to book club:

Thank you…

  • For pushing me to read outside my genre of choice. Yes, I still love chick lit and historical fiction, but you’ve expanded my horizons.
  • For sharing your own experiences. Some of us are in our 20s, and others are in their 30s. Some are from the Midwest, some have lived all over, and some were born and raised in New York. So thanks for bringing your personal backgrounds to make everyone see a different perspective.
  • To the OGs, for keeping it alive. There aren’t many of us, but I think our literary passions have kept the group alive, and we kept going despite that one meeting where only three people showed up (kudos to Hil and Gina).
  • To those who have joined along the way, for keeping the group fresh. You picked things up after that three-person meeting.
  • For your amazing cooking (and food-buying skills). I always leave feeling about five pounds heavier and yet so much happier.
  • For your support. Through the election, life changes (including a new baby!), and just sucky days, book club is always an escape and support network.
  • Last, but definitely not least, for your minds. Every time we meet, I see our books differently, I pick up on new points, and I witness the various effects the book had. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Here’s to another two-plus years, Book Clubbers!


Book club

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