Holiday Guide

Indeed, it’s the most wonderful time of year. And for two solid reasons: Christmas presents in the shape of books and cold and cozy days meant for cuddling up with your favorite read. So if you have a bibliophile in need of some holiday magic, here are my picks for the best gifts, Big Little Lit style:

Book-themed candle

Old books

Etsy is full of creative and thoughtful gifts, and its Book Club MVP section is no joke. It clearly knows that there’s nothing like the smell of books to get a book lover’s imagination running wild. Choose between a classic bookstore with Earthy tones, Divination classroom or Christmas in the Great Hall for the HP fanatics, or even old books to set the perfect reading mood.

Book ends

There’s nothing worse than continually seeing your books topple over due to lack of support. So here’s a practical gift everyone can appreciate. Think outside of the box if you’re really looking for some gratitude. Try these industrial gear book ends on Amazon or these cute statues from Wayfair. And you know I have to give you a Harry Potter option.

A Game of Thrones cookbook


We love the show, and we should all love the books (c’mon now, I’m working on it), so give the gift of fire and ice this holiday season. Now if you can only imagine being served by Jon Snow in the castle of Winterfell.

A date to a vintage or favorite bookstore

Nothing says “Happy holidays” or “I love you” more than letting your book nerd run wild at their favorite bookstore. For those of us in New York, that place is likely The Strand; if you’re in Denver, I know you’re going to Tattered Cover. But no matter where you live, check out the closest heaven to you for a fun afternoon.

A creative bookcase

Book shelf

If DIY is your thing, this one is for you. For the rest of us, Esty, once again, is here to save the day. Buzzfeed got it right when it said bookshelves could mildly arouse someone. So make someone’s book nook as special as they are with bookcases or bookshelves that allow their books to shine.

A book giveaway

There’s really no better way to celebrate the end of a year than with the best books released in the past 365 days. While there are many book giveaways in which to enter your S.O., BFF, or the boss to whom you need to suck up, Jólabókaflóð‘s book flood brings 24 of the year’s best to the winner. And if you really want to give the gift that keeps on giving, enter their name and yours (and obviously give them the books).

Coffee mug of a favorite book

Are you really reading right if you don’t have a cup of tea or a steaming mug of coffee? The answer is no, so make sure your book lover never makes that mistake again by buying a mug in the style of their favorite book. Some really like Harry Potter…

Your favorite book


Warning: sappy moment ahead. For our first Valentine’s Day (and my birthday) together, my boyfriend bought me Ken Grimwood’s Replay, his favorite book. To want me to experience something he loved so much was a very personal and sweet gesture. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed it (1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px1463390917-2400px), and I love a good book rec.



Your favorite stuffed pet pals make for good company too.

Now your bibliophile has the mug, book, and scents to get the reading done right.

But the blanket is the finishing touch to a very perfect night.

But it can’t be just any blanket; there is one rule:

It must be cozy, warm, perfect, and also pretty grool.

Happy holidays to my very lit readers!

Thanks to Kyle Magee for the product shoot.

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