Shop ‘Til You Drop: Boston

Ever since I discovered Liberty’s Kids and became obsessed with the American Revolution — which really should not be a secret at this point — I had been dying to visit Boston. Fortunately, I’ve scoped out this beautiful city twice in the past year, including two weeks ago when I met my mom there for a much-needed girls trip.

This will be hard to believe, but my mother actually does not like to read. I know I know it pains me too, and I too question if we share DNA. (Believe me: Other similarities will prove this.) But she was willing to visit some bookstores with me to see what Boston’s literary community was all about it. She enjoyed it too!

It’s only fitting that my next “Shop ‘Til You Drop” series would be researched with my shopping partner in tow.

Boston 1

The view of Boston and Cambridge from Harvard Bridge.

If you’re looking for …

… a place to spend your morning, afternoon, and/or evening, head to Trident Booksellers & Cafe.

Not only does this top-notch bookstore stay open from 8 a.m. until 12 a.m., but Trident Booksellers & Cafe also serves stellar food. Yes, you heard me right. This place literally has everything you need: books and food. Did I mention the two stories full of books, serving every genre under the sun? If it sounds like I’ve fallen in love, that’s because I have. We made our first stop in Boston at Trident where we ate a delicious breakfast followed by some exploration among the many rows of books. And it’s located on the shopping street of America (that could be just my opinion, but I think Newbury Street justifies it). Trident was the perfect way to begin our Beantown visit.

338 Newbury St.

… a spot to absorb some wisdom, don’t miss Harvard Book Store.

Located across the street from the oldest college in America, Harvard Book Store will definitely give you nostalgia and chills … and either bestow some wisdom upon you or make you feel like the ultimate dunce. My confidence leaned toward the former during my visit. Despite how it sounds, this bookstore isn’t the academic type that’s usually found on or near college campuses. Its main level has a great selection of new titles and one of those ladders I yearn to own (eee!), and its basement has a nearly overwhelming amount of used books. It also contains some Harvard gear so you can really get your smarts on.

1256 Massachusetts Ave.

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… some unique finds, check out the classics at Commonwealth Books.

Commonwealth Books calls itself a used bookstore, but that doesn’t quite do it justice. If you’re looking for the latest New York Times bestseller, this isn’t your place due to its selection of rare finds, antiquarian reads, and “bins of old prints and engravings spanning from the 1600s to 1940s.” This quaint store near the “Old South” meeting house embodies the history of Boston. Some might call it a collector’s paradise. Not a collector? Still make a stop; it’s worth the experience.

9 Spring Ln.

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… your fill of nostalgia — and George Washington — gallop into Brattle Book Shop.

Brattle has been around the Boston block a time or two. Founded in 1825, this interesting shop shares qualities with Commonwealth. Both are known as antiquarian book shops (fun fact: this post taught me what “antiquarian” meant); both have an interesting collection of maps and various prints; and both are in historical Boston neighborhoods. What sets Brattle apart, though, are its third-floor rare finds room, its podcast, and its row dedicated to George Washington books.


9 West St.

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To demonstrate further how much I love Boston, here are some more pictures from our trip. And as always, let me know if you have a favorite bookstore where you shop ’til you drop when you visit this grand city.


Widener Library, Harvard’s flagship library.

Boston Commons

Boston Commons.

Acorn Street

My favorite street in Boston, Acorn Street, with my favorite person.

St. Charles Esplanade

I highly recommend a walk along the The St. Charles Esplanade.

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