Shop ‘Til You Drop: Breckenridge

Oh, Colorado. What a kinship I have with thee. From the age of 17, when I first visited my aunt who was living there at the time, I’ve felt a special connection with the state. I vowed to move out there during college to intern, and I made that happen when I was 21. It was an incredible summer.

My love for Colorado is shared by my family who have all made several trips out west. My best friend and her now-husband are also from there, and I have many coworkers in the big C-O. As you can see, the bond I have with the Centennial State goes pretty deep.

A few weeks ago, I traveled there again for that same best friend’s wedding, which was the most beautiful event I’ve ever attended. And lucky for me, I got to spend the preceding weekend in Breckenridge with my parents and sister. Breck is one of our favorite places. There are views of the mountains everywhere you look, restaurants and bars full of tasty treats, including our favorite cookie shop, babbling brooks that’ll make you pause and appreciate life, and a couple of bookstores that are worth a stop.

OK so there aren’t many to choose from, but the two I visited were so cute and enjoyable that they deserve a post. So let’s get shopping!

If you’re looking for …

… something quaint and cute with a good selection, check out Breck Books.

Breck Books is your typical bookstore: It has a solid collection of bestsellers, hot reads, classics, and a solid children’s section. But its miscellaneous items and its sweet beginnings are something to swoon over.

First, let’s talk about the former. Breck Books’ young adult section has a wall dedicated to Harry Potter and Colorado. Yes, two of my favorite things; it was so beautiful. This contains Colorado 14er-opoly, which I thought seriously about purchasing, and a multitude of HP items, including not only the books (in different editions) but also Cards Against Muggles.

Is this a young adult section or a Beth section? It’s very hard to tell.

Furthermore, this bookstore was founded only in November when its owners, Richard and Kim, fell in love, got married, and moved to Breckenridge. Love and literature: the two greatest things in the world. (Check out their full story, which was recently covered in Breckenridge Magazine).

If these reasons don’t entice you stop at Breck Books, maybe its close proximity to the aforementioned cookie shop will.

100 N. Main St. Unit 201

… something old, definitely not something new, something borrowed, and something blue, commit to Ole Man Berkins.

You know this type of bookstore: It’s a little overwhelming with its endless options, and you don’t quite know when, where, or how to search. But you love it all the same because it’s a reminder of how powerful storytelling is and of how many stories there are to tell. That’s the very feeling I got when I walked into Ole Man Berkins.

I may have been slightly tipsy upon entering this shop (that altitude will catch you off guard); however, nothing could stop me from appreciating all this place had to offer. It has the usual bestsellers but also an array of interesting finds in just about every subject. It also has a wall of classics, which was great perusing for my Storied series.

Be prepared to schedule a solid amount of time in this one; its endless options will make you not want to leave, especially because its prices are anything but intimidating. Unfortunately, Ole Man Berkins is currently up for sale, so no telling how long it’ll stick around or if new owners will switch it up. All the more reason to book a flight to Denver and head to the mountains.

326 S Main St. E

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